Which topical is the correct one to use?

We like to keep this one simple;

Ageless - Designed for a women's estrogen base. Ageless is the most versatile topical and covers an incredibly wide array of wants and concerns - perfect for women of all ages and stages, especially great for stress, hormonal, post-natal and general hair shedding / concerns.

Corrective - Designed for a man testosterone base. While Corrective is more of a narrow focus in scope than its sister Ageless, its incredibly effective for Male Pattern Baldness

Worth noting - typically the only time a women would use Corrective is:

1. For Post Chemo Treatment: this is for men and women, except after 1-3 months a women should switch back over to Ageless

2. Alopecia: This is for both men and women, spot treating using Corrective.