So what can science do for me - gender makes a difference?

Women respond better than men to hair anti-aging and hair growth, regardless of what age they are. In most cases a woman in her 20s or 30s can have fantastic results, whether it be having longer, thicker hair with more texture, or turning the clock back on a woman in her 40s or 50s to help her have a fuller, more dense hair count and much more youthful looking hair. Women benefit greatly from what science can offer with faster and better results than men

Men are a little different, men experience in most cases what is called male pattern baldness or MPB. There are many contributing factors, but the short story is if you have MPB, it is relentless, excels with age and requires different mechanisms to fight it. Again, the earlier a man starts a regimen the better, but like most, they start when they really notice they have lost a significant amount of hair, which is usually 2 – 5 years past when they should have started a regimen. Men can expect good to amazing results depending on their genetics, and how stringent they stay on their hair care regimen. Current science should have most men be able to see significant regrowth, or at-least have a more full, dense appearance and be able to maintain that well into old age.